Bears Quilt Shop Class information

Most of our classes are offered On Demand. What that means is that you tell uswhat class you would like to be taught. We'll work with you to find a date that works for you and then we'll announce it to everyone, and try to fill more seats. If we end up with one person (you) only in the class, that is fine. We have no problem with running a class for one.

Why do we do this? Well, we've found that it is often the case that we'll schedule a class at a time when the persons who want to take it, cannot make it. This blocks up a day in our classroom, and prevents us from scheduling time for other classes, projects, etc. We then get to that day, and no-one is here and weve got extra staff on hand, etc, for nothing!

So how can you find out what we're currently offering? The best way would be to join our email mailing list. Beyond that, stop in periodically. We're also working on a way to place it on the web

By allowing you, our customers, to schedule you own classes, we guarantee someone is in each class, and that it is when and what you want to be learning!

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